Hand luggage

Before going to the airport, check specific limitations regarding the number of pieces of luggage and the maximum size and weight limitations applicable to hand luggage with your airline.

Items not allowed in hand luggage

Passengers are forbidden from taking items that constitute a risk for the health of other passengers, the crew or the safety of the aircraft into the restricted area or the cabin of the aircraft. These items include:

  • Firearms and weapons in general: if you are going to travel with arms, you will need to have authorisation. View the procedure for obtaining authorisation.
  • Devices that fire projectiles.
  • Devices to stun or immobilise.
  • Objects with a sharp point or a cutting edge.
  • Blunt objects.
  • Tools which can cause serious injuries.
  • Explosive and incendiary substances and devices.
  • Chemical and toxic substances.
  • Liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG): there is a limitation on the quantity of LAGs that passengers may carry when they pass through the security checkpoints in European Union airports. Check the rules for transportation of liquids in hand luggage.

Security staff may deny access to the boarding area and the aeroplane cabin to any passenger in possession of an item which, although not considered forbidden, arouses their suspicions.

If it is not possible to determine whether a passenger transports prohibited items, he/she will be denied access to the security restricted area or he/she will undergo a security check again until they are granted access.

Some of these forbidden hand luggage items may be carried in your checked-in luggage.

Electrical and/or electronic devices are allowed in the hand luggage, but they must be taken out of their covers and put into separate trays at the security checkpoint so that they can go through the x-ray scanner separately.

Check the attached files for more detailed information on the prohibited items in aircrafts (hand and/or checked luggage) as well as the permitted quantities. Bear in mind that these items may be affected by more than one regulation (airport safety, transport without risk of dangerous merchandise, etc.). In this case, the most restrictive regulation applies.

Contact the airline or Aena if you have questions about a specific item you wish to travel with.

For passenger security reasons, passengers should not check in or transport luggage for stranger.